Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Christmas Around the House & Inspo for 2016!

I hope everyone had a beautiful Christmas! As we prepare to ring in the New Year, I hope we can reflect on all the good things that showered over us and that we overcame the bad moments we've experienced this year. Kirk and I were sitting back planning for Q1 for 2016 and we confessed that we walk stronger in our destiny in 2016 and boldly work on the dreams God placed on our hearts. My desire and prayer for all of us is that we don't get discouraged when the dream seems like it's on delay. That we remain consistent and encouraged when things seem like it's not taking off. I believe in a divine delay and that perfect timing. Hindsight is 20/20!

  Think about this:

-Albert Einstein didn't speak until he was 4 years-old and teachers said he wouldn't amount to anything.
-Oprah was fired from her news anchor job because she was told she wasn't fit for television.
-Steve Jobs was fired from the company he started at 30 years old.

The list continues. Let's stay encouraged and keep encouraging others! Wishing you a great 2016 that you grow greater in your destiny and God's plan for your life!

Oh and here's a look around the crib!

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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Thoughts & Tablescapes

I love decorating dining tables! I love bringing people together and what better way than eating around the table. I designed and hosted Thanksgiving (below) and I'm just in need of a Christmas theme. Im going to stop by Big Lots over the weekend to pick up some inexpensive pieces. I stopped by Pottery Barn for some inspo. What holiday themes are you working on and what's your go to spot to gather your pieces?

My thoughts:

I really hope you're enjoying the holidays and spreading love and joy the best you can. When i'm confronted with feelings of despair and sadness I push myself to think of all the things i'm grateful for. I usually go on missions or get involved in some sort of community service and that usually shifts my perspective. But, we can implement selfless acts in our everyday lives like talking to and showing love to the cleaning lady, giving an extra tip and writing a sweet note on a receipt, paying for the person behind you at the register, holding the doors or buying food for the homeless. God sees our act of kindness and increases our capacity to love. In the end, you'll recognize that you're not focusing on your issue as much. I'm training myself to practice gratefulness as a lifestyle to the point where im subconsciously saying thank you to things like filling my tank up or walking into a warm heated home.

Thank you to all my reader friends who've been reading this little blog of mine. It means so much. Shout out to my blogger buddy, Faith who opens her heart on her blog and has made such a positive impact on me. I pray God shines His light on you all in a fresh new way! 

Love you!

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Friday, November 6, 2015

24-hr Fall Guide: Spotlight on Jersey City!

I'm excited to team up with Evenbrite to bring you an exclusive 24-hour fall tour through my hometown- Jersey City. I was born and raised in Jersey City and I'm proud to say that I'm constantly discovering new places and hidden gems. This city is always evolving and always has great events lined up for residents and visitors alike.

Click Here: Events Page

For your fall events guide check this out! 
Grab that book you've been craving to read at this coffeehouse.  Get a warm cup of Joe or PSL at this quaint warehouse turned rustic coffeehouse. It's located on 114 Bay street in Downtown, Jersey City. 
The Warehouse Cafe
Get your mind and body right for the weekend! JCF Fitness offers super cool fitness classes in a group setting to keep you motivated. Try their 8:30 am Saturday class.
JC Fitness 
Now I assume you're famished and you're craving an amazing brunch and endless Mimosas with friends. Brunch it at Skinners Loft!

Next up a little shopping on the itinerary. Hop over to Tia's Place on Grove street. I absolutely love boutique shopping. I'm a Jersey girl and I appreciate the convenience of malls, but those SoHo boutiques are my favs. Tia's Closet has super trendy, unique and affordable pieces to offer. You can head over there right after brunch. 

Pick up some fresh fall and harvest produce for the week at the widely poplar Jersey City farmers market in the heart of Grove street near the Path station.

Art & Fun 

The Jersey City art scene is so real! You don't necessarily need to go to a venue to get your art fix. Jersey City streets are filled with countless wall murals and fascinating paintings from local artists. There's a really cool "Brunch and Brush" event at the Jersey City Art School in the Hamilton Park area. You can stroll the beautiful Hamilton park directly across the street.

Dinner Place 

Amelia's Bistro is my families' fav spot. We've celebrated just about everything here! Great service and solid yummy dishes. Kids friendly and it accommodates large parties. 

There you have it! Jersey City in all its glory- in a day. What are your favorite local spots that you've been obsessing over this season?

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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

What Turning 30 Taught Me

I didn’t know I would embrace and be so excited about turning 30. I think I got so consumed with always hearing people say, “Oh, you’re only in your 20s. You’re so young. You’ve got your whole life ahead of you. ” Rarely did I hear, “Oh, you’re in your 30s; you’ve got aaample time.”  I got concerned with the idea that I would no longer have that advantage. It’s amazing how quickly you can have your eyes opened and enlightened. Many people call it their “A-ha moment”, epiphany or revelation. I just became so grateful to see my 30th and to be surrounded by the most sincere group of friends and family. I think it’s a fear that I need to overcome. The truth is, each year gets brighter with God. The road gets tough, but for those who belong to God our days get brighter and brighter. I’m comforted by that truth. I don’t have to constantly compare myself with the young 23 year-old or start a war on aging. Instead, I choose to embrace the beauty of change and see myself in the beautiful 23 yr-old I meet and lend her a hand up in this world.

So cheers to new beginnings, conquering fear daily, more faith and more fun than ever before! 

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At work w/ a great team 

My big bro and I share a bday. 3 years apart.

In Jersey City. After dining at Porta.

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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Fall Essentials

I love rocking these effortless pieces all fall. Of course, with a latte in one hand. What are your fave pieces?

Fall Essentials

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Monday, August 24, 2015

5 Things I Learned on Vacay

5 Things I Learned While Away

This was our 1st vacay away from our 18 month-old and I thought it was virtually impossible for us to be apart. Alyssa whines in her sleep and wakes up at 5am for a diaper change and a cup of milk. I wasn't sure who would have the energy and patience to endure that grueling routine. I mean she's amazing, but let's face it- sleep is everyone's holy grail. We all prize and cherish our sleep.

After I left her with my mother and adorable teen cousin, we were getting rave stories about how she sleeps through the night. Whaaat? You mean this little mastermind has been tricking us this whole time? Well that was the first thought that came to mind until I read how babies/toddlers change things up while parents are away. That can apply for the good or the bad; but in this case it is def for the good.
Back to the top 5 things I've learned while away for 5 days. 

1. Unwind and fall in love all over again.
Couples and especially parents - we must do everything in our power to have a solo getaway. Even if it's for a weekend or overnight. We need to contend with the hundreds of understandable reasons as to why it can't be done. We were able to reconnect and bond after a 2 yr vacay hiatus. 

2. Cut the umbilical cord....again.
It's ok to be away from the baby. I know this might not apply to the nursing mamas. Although, I've learned that when apart from us , my daughter is in the greatest hands in the universe and those are the hands of God. Once I settled on the most loving and patient people to surround Alyssa with (though many), I was inundated with the sweetest vids via Snapchat to remind me that baby girl is straight and super happy.

3. Diversify your life! 
I need to make it a mission to explore as much as possible. Being in Puerto Rico reminded me of the richness of different cultures. Growing up in the amazingly culturally diverse city of Jersey City, NJ, I was always surrounded by Polish, Italians, Filipinos, Hispanics, Black Carribeans, Africans: Egyptians & West Africans. Being exposed to these different cultures has shaped my personality and life perspective. I want to keep growing and expose Alyssa to the same.

4. Check ya vernacula' ! 
Don't be nervous to speak different languages even if it's not the best. That's how we sharpen our vocab. The Boricuas were so appreciative that I attempted to speak Spanish and they were vibing with me so well. I told them I was Haitian so I have a good head start on the language. 

5. Flawless! 
You probably didn't wake up like this- flawless. But nonetheless, love your body. This was my first vacay post baby body. All the amazing food I ate didn't help the cause but I was pretty confident and comfy in my swimsuit which was not the case last summer after having Alyssa. Flaunt it. Own it. Love yourself! Note to self: Do drop the 2nd cupcake. The struggle ensues. 

Old San Juan 

Hilton Caribe Resort 

El Yunke 

Papillion, San Juan 

Thanks for stopping by and reading.
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Monday, August 3, 2015

Summer Outings!

Happy August!

Hope everyone has been enjoying the warm and sunny days of summer. August is officially the month that I'm deciding to get my summer act together and go biking, snapping pics in the City, vacation and go to the beach. I've been procrastinating and doing more summer hangouts. But what is summer without pools and beach outings?

Here are some of the outings 

I've been enjoying with some pretty dope people!

What's on your summer bucket list?

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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Happy 4th!!

Hope everyone enjoyed their 4th of July celebrating our nation. Though we're still fighting against injustice; the fight only makes the victories sweeter.

I had a wonderful holiday celebrating my cousin's wedding. It was a beautiful ceremony and we danced the night away. 

Here's a recap:

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