Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday Favs!

Happy Friday Sweethearts! These weeks have been flying by. It was like yesterday I was saying, "Happy Monday". This weekend is gonna be fun and relaxing. I'm going to a BBQ and heading out to the beach. I'm so excited about it! Anything planned out for this weekend?! 

Here are my Friday favorites:
Beautiful summer days in New Jersey!

$10 dresseses from Conway

Wearing sneakers & maxi dresses particularly Chucks(converses)

My brand spankin' new sewing machine. Let the stitching begin!

Greek Salads

Lunch break with my darling friend Moni
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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thoughtful Thursdays

Hey Loves! I hope today has been good to you. I got invited to blog for a NYC cruise line party so I'm looking forward to that.

So many thoughts have been running through my mind today but primarily not to give up on your dreams. I've been watching my words lately because I notice you give up first with your words then consequentially we give up with our actions.

So I'm watching my words!

I'm so sorry I cut my shoes out- I was taking pics with my tripod but my wedges are in the background of the pic below.

I'm taking up sewing so I bought a mannequin to help. 

One of my favorite items of the week.

At the office

NY & Co pants & Necessary Clothing Top

Here's my LaMer and Nars review per your request:

5 Stars out of 5

La Mer is the best creme I've ever purchased. Just so you know, this is a very poignant item and will feel cakey when applied. Depending on your skin type, you might feel oily if you wear it during the day. I usually wear it before I go to bed. I kid you not, when you wake in the morning your skin will be glowing. I read other reviews on and they also use it at night because it's so potent. It also gets rid of scars. Many ladies say the La Mer creme is not recommended for young women because we tend to like light products but I say, "hey why not start early." But it's worth it and lasts for a months since you don't need to use a lot.

Source: via Marina on Pinterest

 4 stars out of 5

The mud mask by Nars Skin feels like nothing I've ever touched it's so light weight but heavy duty. You're suggested to apply a thick amount on your skin and afterwards you'll feel very clean. I like this product because it gets deep into your skin to remove dead skin. I have oily skin so I like that it eliminates the shine. I also like that it doesn't leave me with that tight feeling afterwards. I have to wash repeatedly to get the mud off my face and it leaves stains so be careful. This is a great product as well.

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Beautiful Day: OOTD

2 Posts in one day- feeling bloggy today. I kept it super corporate today with slacks and a blazer.

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Back to the Basics

Good Day Sunshines!

To help us get over the Wednesday hump, I thought I would share some super practical beauty tips to add some flare to our mid week routine.

Here it goes:

  • Finger 'Looking' Good: Trying to get rid of  that yellow tint to your nails? Try soaking your finger nails in lemon juice. The proteins and minerals are said to eliminate the yellow shade to add your natural hues back to your nails. Try it for 15 mins!

  • Pearly Whites: I've always wanted pearly white teeth especially being on-camera. When I'm not using Crest Whitestrips I try to brush with baking soda once a week. Then simply gargle with Listerine to stay minty fresh.
  • Shiny Locks- Avocado, Egg Whites and Coconut Water Hair Treamtment:
So I tried this once and my super thick hair was glistening, seriously. I don't do it often because            sometimes the combo makes me want to gag when I'm having a light stomach day but the results are worth it.

  • Keep Your Eyes on the Prize: Ready to leave the baggage behind?! Try this 3 step process:
          1.Try a very low sodium meal intake the night before
          2. Sleep with your head elevated. 
          3. In the morning apply a gel mask or a bag of ice over your lids
          4. Then apply your favorite eye cream by massaging it in one direction. I prefer Kiehls.


That's all I have for now. By no means do I practice these tips every night but I do my best to do it once every week. 

Do you have any insider beauty secrets or tips you'd like to share?
Leave a comment below. I love hearing home remedies you can try without breaking the bank.

Lots of love!

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Keep Positive & Carry On

Hey Friends! Today my friend Monica and I were encouraging each other to remain positive. It's easy to allow negative thoughts to take control of your mind. After we finished venting to each other about how we didn't want to be bothered by anyone we chose to remain positive by speaking faith words throughout our cranky moments. Then slowly but surely I started feeling better. Words are really powerful!

Then we went to TJ Maxx that place sure knows how to put a smile on a girl's face.

I really hope you ladies had a glorious day and if you had a "don't-mess-with-me" kind of day, hope that things brightened up for you. Choose happiness! Xoxo
Barami Top/H&M Necklace/J. Crew Trousers

I sewed new fabric to my throw pillows. Only $6 from Walmart!
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Monday, June 25, 2012

Weekend Lovin'

Hey Loves! Wish you all had a blast this weekend. Summer weekends are the best and I'm still new to blogging so I'm still amazed how we can diary our adventures and connect on so many levels from all around the country and world.

Friday I went out with a bunch of lovely ladies to the city for Sushi in celebration of Reina's bday. Oh and Liam Neeson and the old lady from Titanic were sitting right next to us!! He was with his family so I did my best not to stare too much(which I suck at). The benefit of being a half New Yorker- stargazing!

What was the highlight of your weekend?!

Quality pool time with my friend Monica who refused to be photgraphed =)

I'm taking up sewing classes
Do I have any Magnolia Bakery fans out there?! 

Getting ready to hit up the City

Celebrating Lovely Reina
Sushi at Ambers on the UWS

P.S. welcome to all my new friends who decided to join the blog. Looking forward to getting to know you and having fun with my next giveaway in July. Woot! xo
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Friday, June 22, 2012

5 Things That Make Me Smile

  Hey Friends!

We made it through the week wohoo! I'm so happyy it's Friday. It's been a long week and the work load has been significantly extra. I noticed (and my hubs) that I've been on the cranky side lately. I think because of the humidity from the heat wave and being a bit hormonal. But it's always refreshing to catch up with you gals at the end of the day. Surrounding yourself with positive people really makes a heck of a difference. What better opportunity to focus on the good stuff when feeling groggy!

So here are my favs of the week:

1. Surprise tickets from our dearest family members to see a Broadway show. We saw Porgy & Bess and it was absolutely stellar. We had a blast. 

*Side bar: I need a photog- I think Kirk's patience with all these pics is running thin. =( *

2. I heard about this book and project from a fellow blogger. I started browsing online and was happy to hear that everyone is intrigued by finding happiness in the little things. I plan on reading it some more and eventually buying it.

3. Reading grammar books to brush on my writing skills. 

4. My darling friends. I'm so grateful for them. They challenge me to be better and bring so much joy to my life. Plus my lovely friend Lola (not pictured above)

5. My Edge Control creme has been saving my look during this heat wave. My edges have been curling up as soon as I step out the house. I highly recommend this for under $8!!

I really wish you wonderful people an outstanding weekend. 

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Thursday, June 21, 2012

J Crew Sample Sale

Hey Friends! So I was brave enough to stop by the popular J. Crew Sample Sale in the midst of a NYC scorcher. The Gambian bouncer at the door said that it's considered winter weather in his native country. Yes- we tend to overact when it comes to the heat. As soon as you enter, you have to hand over your purse (anti-theft precautions) I grabbed my wallet and phone and dived right in.

My pros/cons and store info is listed below.

Happy Shoppers

The line wrapped around the corner as I exited around 6pm.
The shoes are not a huge discount. 
The back of the store where the buckets with accessories and swim wear are located.

The items I nabbed.

$25 pans marked down from original $85

These ladies are focused and on a mission.

The line to the dressing room

-An abundance of Sleeveless Tweed Dresses for $70
-Tons of Tees & Cardis for $15-$30
-Gorgeous baubles in the jewelry section $40-$80
-Good amount of shorts for $25
-Accepts major credit cards
- Very limited amount of pencil skirts (my fav)
-Select sizes- It's either a size 2 or a size 12/14
-The dressing room is co-gendered and doesn't offer individual stalls. Be sure to leave the granny undies at home because everyone can see you. =)
-Very cramped aisles and hard to get through
-Madewell items are in the middle
-Jewelry are stowed away in transparent jewelry boxes. An associate will assist you and send it to your register when you're ready to checkout

Overall it was a decent experience it wasn't a mega-deal-tell-all-your-friends affair but worth the wait at least for me. 

June 19-June 24 

260 Fifth Avenue (29th and 5th)
New York, NY 10001
Have a lovely Thursday and be in great expectation of greatness!

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012


I just love getting sweet discounts from spots like Conway. Great place to get little cute items like this button less cardigan.

The striped Tee is from J. Crew.
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DIY Corner: Cupboard Facelift & Pintastic Boards

Hey Lovely Peeps! Here's a sneak peek at some of the DIY projects I've been working on at home.
I wanted to spice things up in the kitchen so I grabbed one of these fun all items from TJ Maxx.
I feel like working on projects like this keep me fresh and full of ideas. Plus, it's a good hobby to help me breakaway from my reality show guilty pleasure- well kinda. 
 Is there anything you creative people are working on or plan to? 

You can grab these from TJ Max for 4.99

Details on how I designed this will be featured on Candice's TeamTime & Thoughts soon

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Monday, June 18, 2012

Things to Remember

Today I went to my usual hair salon and my stylist wasn't there I usually get my extensions straightened for free. When I asked the new lady to do so she stated that there's a surcharge for that. I shared that I usually get it for free, she waited and pondered then did me the favor. She came back in and shared that the reason they do it for free is because I treat everyone there so nicely and they charge everyone else.

That made me think about all the times I chose to be lovely to them when something went wrong (burnt hair). That was a friendly reminder that people are precious and the way I treat them is what counts at the end of the day and that's the lasting memory. Not the way you look or anything else. Good things come when you do good to others.

Sweetdreams lovelies and I wish you had a lovely Monday.


These are from my sweet hubs Kirk
I'm breaking my own record. Wohoo! Let's go Insanity!
Monday= Hot Date Day
Sowwy it's blurry
Oh ladies, I'm wearing a romper from conway for $11, boat shoes from Marshalls, necklace from Franchescas's Closet. Pin It Now!
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