Countdown to Friday!

by - 3:13 PM

Hey Friends! So on my 2nd trip of the day to Panera Bread it dawned on me that I've been on P.B. overload. I'm working on shedding Lbs. and the warm, fluffy bread can be so tempting. So I'm going to go on a bread fast to discipline myself. Do I have any bread lovers out there?!

Wish me well! Anyways, wishing you lovelies a bright and successful day.

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  1. aside from loving your outfit today... yes, i love panera!! oh the bread - dieter's enemy!! i sure have been craving it lately, too! darn you for posting - lol!

    1. Lol awe man Lara, I thought I would just tease everyone with my bread,ha! Sometimes I wish bread wasn't so good. :(

  2. i can't give up bread.

    or ice cream.

    or chocolate.

    or .....

    yeah, i just try not to give up anything.

    good luck to you!

    1. LOL! Faith, your comment made me literally laugh out loud! You know what- this just made me think. Maybe I shouldn't give up bread entirely. Then when I set myself up to binge. Moderation is key!

  3. Lol at all the bread talk. Every time I try to give it up my husband brings home pizza or bakes cupcakes and I give in! Lol.

  4. Bread is really not a difficulty of mine but sweets are. I have not excluded them from my intake but I'm trying extremely hard to eat them in moderation. So far, so good.


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