Getting to know me...

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Somethings about me...

- I wake up like 5 times during the night to use the bathroom and smash into just about every wall corner. I try my best not to consume liquids past 8pm but it's a fail each time.

-I'm not a natural in the kitchen. I burn myself and burn dinner often, I drop and break things and accidentally put too much salt on stuff. 

- Since I could remember I've always wanted to be a news reporter and believe strongly that dreams come true.

- I don't drink milk alone because it's pretty gross to me. 

- I really really like cupcakes like a lot and it's one of my weaknesses.

- As embarrassing as this might be I have to remind my husband to put his arms around me when taking pictures (example below). I scold him each 

-I'm a big flea market bargain shopper.

- I love hosting parties and entertaining. Home decor is my fav!

-I can be somewhat of a neat freak always cleaning and organizing at the most random moments.

-I have a really deep, throaty smoker laugh that makes other people laugh or look at me awkwardly.

-I'm insecure about my bottom teeth, they're uneven and I try to speak without showing them but that's virtually impossible. My husband thinks they're somewhat cute- not!

-I'm deeply connected to my mother and my 2 brothers we have an extraordinary bond. 

-I LOVE dancing and I'm usually the only person on the dance floor at the beginning of parties and at the end. I pop lock and use to be apart of two hip hop dance groups. 

-I'm very passionate about showing the love of God to people instead of religion and quoting scriptures. I hate condeming but rather show mercy & forgiveness. Everyone needs love & compassion in this crazy world. 

-I'm a HUGE reality TV show fan. I watch most of them, it can be a hot mess but is pure comedy.

- I LOVE with every fiber in me orphans. I dream, pray and think about the orphans I met in Haiti often. I'm counting down the days of reconnecting with them in December. 

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  1. This was a great post! I'll have to do one soon, too :)

    The orphans are too sweet!!!

    Happy Monday!
    Classic Glam Blog xxox

    1. Hey Halle! Would love to read yours. Those kids are beyond precious. Thanks so much!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks for reading Ashley! Have a good Monday xo

  3. You can feel the genuine love you have for the children. Thanks for sharing!

    1. It's my pleasure. Those kids literally changed my life. I came back a selfless person ready to embrace the little things because they are extremely appreciative and grateful. Thanks for reading. xo

  4. Rach, this post is hilarious! I can totally see you bumping into walls at night. You're so cute and I love your throaty laugh! It's one of my fave things about you!


  5. awww This list is pretty awesome, especially how you said that you like to exude God's love towards people. That's something that a lot of religions as a whole have yet to master.


  6. I also hate milk and I do not drink it out of a glass. It has to be with cereal and it's only enough to "wet" the cereal.

    May I ask, what type of work do you do with orphans? I'm sure it's remarkable nonetheless, but just curious. (:


Thanks for your comments! It means a lot. xo

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