Thoughtful Thursdays!

by - 5:31 PM

Hey Lovelies, hope your Thursday has been sweet! So my thought for today is to have fun at random unconventional moments and not to take life so seriously. Laughing is literally my favorite hobby. Though, I love to laugh I'm training myself not to burst out in to laughter when people trip or during staff meetings.

Lots of love to you all!!

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  1. I love your top!

    What's wrong with laughing when someone trips? Haha.

    1. LOL!! Yay!! I'm not the only one. Faith, next time you come to NJ we should totally meet up or do a blog meet up. That would be ideal. Plus Fashion Week is only a month awayyy yay! xo

  2. I find it very difficult to control random laughter @ movies... p.s. panera - yum!
    And I love that necklace, is that a recent purchase?

  3. I've been told recently that I'm always so serious, but I'm usually always in deep thought. I'm sure my facial expressions are the same for both, though. -_-

    I'm working on that. LOL.


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