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Right now gratefulness is flowing from my heart. I'm even grateful that I get to share what's on my heart with you lovely peeps. I was thinking a moment ago...when our plans don't seem like they're working out the way we wish, we don't have to dwell in worrying. We can have assurance that God is working things out towards our favor in the end. Even though it might look like a major fail, we just have to trust that our lives is in the hands of the One who helps prevent misfortune from taking place in our lives. Even when it comes to broken relationships- I felt heartbroken in the past, but I'm so glad it fell through because there was something better in store for me, my loving husband Kirk. I'm resting in peace at the moment.

On another note, I just had a very brutal Insanity work out (I know my segue is pretty awkward, but you feel me?!) Just got to the 2nd part of the regimen and stuff just got real. I had a hard time getting through it, but I have my Rocky music blasting and I'm determined to get through this on top. 

I decided to rock some bright H&M trousers and blazer to work today. Plus my fav wedges of the season.
Ladies, this is my beauty product of the moment. Emergencia Leave in Conditioner. I got this from Sallys Beauty supply. It helps my hair stay moisturized while at the beach and the pool. Do you have any hair must-have hair products of for the summer?

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  1. Thanks for the reminder :)
    I keep telling myself this. And just not too long ago I tweeted this. I'm glad certain things I wanted didn't fall through in my favor. God really does work wonders & there's always a blessing behind the trials & tribulations.
    I have a group of nail polishes that I am loving right now. I'll be sharing that in a post on my beauty blog soon.

  2. what a great reminder!! sometimes it's hard to trust that His plan is perfect when we think ours is, but it is the truth! and I LOVE this outfit! especially the color of those pants!

  3. I completely understand what you are saying. I feel the same exact way!

    I really want to be more experimental with my hair products but I have a hard time trying new things in fear that I will hate it and waste money. Sigh.

    Loving the color of your pants!

  4. I really needed those words of encouragement. THANK YOU!

    Love the outfit & colors!



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