Friday Favs!

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It's Friday! It's Friday! *doing the running man*

I'm so glad it's the end of the week and I'm very happy it's here. You lovelies made this week all the more enjoyable- no seriously, checking in with you all is a highlight! Here are my Friday Favorites and things that made me smile throughout the week.
New Yorrrk! I love NY! Being in this city takes me to a place of sheer happiness & excitement. One hand in the air for the big city. 
My Neon Pink blouse from J.Crew makes a girl feel uber chic.  
Frozen Yogurt! Helps kick my sweets cravings 
Being with a bunch of my gal pals at Pinkberry
Steals & Deals from Marshalls: $10 Neon Pink Steve Madden floppers. Oh and my Revas got soaked in the rain so it was perfect timing. 
Perfect little love gifts from Marshall's all under 9.99. Woot!!

Don't be scared it's only my legs...icing my knees after doing Insanity feels almost as good as scratching a mosquito bite.

I wish you all a fabulous weekend, make it great! I had ups and downs this week, but throughout it all it's amazing to reflect on God's love for me throughout every season. 

Lots of love..peace out!!!

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  1. I lOVE that neon blouse! & Pinkberry is soo goood! :)

    Happy Saturday xxox


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