Heat Wave Proof

by - 7:36 AM

Good morning Sweets! Anyone having a great weekend? Well I hope you are. So my internal clock decides to wake me up on the weekends at 7a.m. which is considered crack of dawn early to me. Then I decided to get my blogging on and connect with my pals.

Despite all the heat wave advisories and alerts yesterday was not so hot in NY after all. I just consumed tons of liquids and wore super light fabrics & colors. Thanks to my blogger buddy Faith for the tips! I planned on wearing a hat but my big teased Jersey hair didn't permit that.

I'm heading to the beach today to play volleyball, lounge and connect with wonderful peeps!!!

Lots of love!


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  1. I love what you're wearing! It wasn't as hot over here either! And you're welcome, I didn't even know I was helpful, haha.

    Enjoy your day at the beach!

  2. VERY CUTE! Love that necklace! Happy Sunday xx

  3. Love the pop of color in your outfit.
    Also, I need your email address regarding being a guest blogger on MYGirls site.
    Or you can email me when you get time (mentoringyg2gmail.com)

    1. Hey Ashley! Sorry about the delay it's rcandre85@gmail.com. Looking forward to your email. xo


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