Friday, April 26, 2013

Random Acts of Love

Today I was full of tears of joy just thanking God for His goodness in my life. I don't take credit for the great love that He's constantly pouring out over my life. I think we all know some really loving and good people who've simply had a hard life and unfortunate situations happened to them. It's not because I'm a 'good' person that God chose to shower me with His blessings, instead it's because he's a good God. So I remain tremendously humbled and constantly amazed by His unfailing love.

I decided to stop by Wendy's because they have that new grilled chicken, whole wheat flatbread option, yah- it's pretty good, but I digress, lol. So anywho, I decided to give it a try and I looked at the car behind me and I was just overflowing with compassion for the lady in the vehicle behind me. She looked so frustrated. My friends & family know how emotional I get when I see something that touches my heart and moves me with compassion. I just thought to myself, "what can I do apart from praying for this lady?" I just knew hopping out of my car to speak to her was not fit for this moment- I would look like a MAJOR creep, but many times I really don't care about that in the end.

I decided to pay for her meal. The lady at the cash register thought I was a freak. But I just told her that I wanted to be a blessing to the lady behind me. I left her a note saying, "Jesus Loves You, Smile =)" I wasn't trying to proselytize convert her or anything. Just wanted to let her know that Jesus loves her. I don't know how she may have taken it, heck she probably flinged the little note out the window.  I didn't do it to receive a positive reaction in return. I think we live in a hurting world and 'hurt'
people hurt others. Once I recognized that Jesus loved me, there was nothing else that could stop me from enjoying life.

Thanks so much for reading. I know it's pretty long.

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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Baby Drama/Photog

Happy Thursday Friends!

Hope you've been having quite a productive week. My week has been jammed pack. My husband and I had a great time prepping for parenthood this week. Our friends had their second child and we were watching their toddler son who happens to be our godson. We learned firsthand what it means to lack sleep. Nonetheless, I loved being with him because he's such a sweet and brilliant little boy.

I had an impromptu photo shoot with my brother the other day as we stopped at a cafe in downtown Jersey City. If you're in the NY/NJ area and you're interested in a photographer for head shots, blog photos, event coverage and more please let me know. He offers excellent prices plus he's a graphic designer and photoshop czar. Here's a link to his website with all his work: Click Here-Ralph Andre

Tickle attaaack!!!
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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Prayer for Boston

Let's come together and join our prayers together for the families affected by this heinous crime. I'm so hurt by this act of terrorism. But during these troubled times we can lend comfort to one another not only when tragedy strikes but on a daily basis. Let's keep local officials and our government in your thoughts as well.

If you know of any legitimate fundraisers please let me know!

I'm hoping that the perpetrators are found and are convicted.

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