Friday, December 21, 2012

Remembering Haiti

This was only my second trip to a country I've learned so much about growing up in a Haitian household. I always dreamed about visiting Haiti, but I never imagined going to Haiti on a missions trip to help rebuild.

I had the honor of working with various organizations to build an orphanage for the loving children at the Lamb Center orphanage in Leogane, Haiti. We heard a story of a young boy who yearned for a family and a safe place to live. He said a prayer asking God to send him people who care for him and a safe place to live so he won't ever get crushed in another earthquake. It brought tears to my eyes to see his prayers being answered. I will never forget the hope he had and confidence that what he prayed for would come to pass.

The kids preparing for the ceremony.

Those smiles!!

The children opening goody bags

I keep raving about these sweet girls.

The kids were so pumped to see the Christmas tree

Media center for learning equipped with computers
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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Learning How to Relax

Hey Friends!

I know it's been awhile and I've missed being in touch with you all. I'm learning and forcing myself to relax. So many things have been on my list including preparing for my upcoming missions trip to Haiti to complete building the Lamb Center orphanage and to reconnect with the orphans. Please keep me and our team in your prayers as we're out on the missions field (12/8-12/15).

I've forced myself to turn down hangouts just so I can relax and just breathe. I'm learning that I can't be a support to others if I can't be the best me. So I'm just going to spend the next few days relaxing and spending quality time with my family.

What are some ways you balance a demanding schedule and find time for yourself? Advice and tips are always appreciated!!

Thanks so much for stopping by!
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