Sunday Celebrations

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Hey hey!!! Sunday greetings to you all. Today is my godson's birthday party and I adore this little boy. He's truly a gift to our world. I also spent the weekend bonding with my mom and celebrating one of my best friend's 27th bday celebration bowling. I literally suck at bowling but it was fun being around my loves nonetheless.

I'm such a momma's girl and proud of it. Sending you all lots of love and hope you're in great expectation.

Me & My Lovely College friend/sister

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Dress: Macys Envelope Clutch: Target
My mom wanted to be featured on the blog. The cutest!
These Chicken Dumplings were another highlight of my weekend.

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  1. Your mom is the cutest!! I'm such a mama's girl too :)

    You look gorgeous! I just love your outfits.

    I suck at bowling too :)


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