Weekend Lovin'

by - 11:52 AM

Hey Loves! Wish you all had a blast this weekend. Summer weekends are the best and I'm still new to blogging so I'm still amazed how we can diary our adventures and connect on so many levels from all around the country and world.

Friday I went out with a bunch of lovely ladies to the city for Sushi in celebration of Reina's bday. Oh and Liam Neeson and the old lady from Titanic were sitting right next to us!! He was with his family so I did my best not to stare too much(which I suck at). The benefit of being a half New Yorker- stargazing!

What was the highlight of your weekend?!

Quality pool time with my friend Monica who refused to be photgraphed =)

I'm taking up sewing classes
Do I have any Magnolia Bakery fans out there?! 

Getting ready to hit up the City

Celebrating Lovely Reina
Sushi at Ambers on the UWS

P.S. welcome to all my new friends who decided to join the blog. Looking forward to getting to know you and having fun with my next giveaway in July. Woot! xo

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  1. looks like such a fun weekend! love sushi!!!

    i would have been staring ... and probably would have said hello, hehe.

    loving your outfit too!

    1. This Sushi was so good. I had to order a new round. Thank you it was so hot out so I made a mental note to always wear spanx when I wear a pencil skirt because I despise when my thighs rub together, lol.

  2. I love the yellow skirt outfit!!

    Fun weekend! I had a fun weekend too but didn't take pictures :(


    1. Thank you sweets!! It was not I'm recuperating from it all.

  3. Sushi, pool time, and pretty little cupcakes? Looks like the perfect weekend! Also LOVE your outfit with the bright skirt! xo


  4. sounds like a really fun weekend! I love sushi & I've heard so many great things about Magnolia.. I must go try it out!

    1. Hey Halle! I think they're good but not the best ever. I think since Carrie from Sex In the City had them then it became law for every NY girl to have one =)

  5. Your yellow skirt outfit is SO cute! I love it! I'm definitely jealous of your celeb siting AND that cupcake. Looks like you had a great weekend :)

    1. haha! Thanks Morgan! I really wanted to tell him how I loved his work in Taken and Star Wars but it would've been so awkward. Magnolia cupcakes are sooo good and the cutest shop.


Thanks for your comments! It means a lot. xo

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