Lounging- NY Harbor Style

by - 9:36 PM

Hey Loves! Today was me and & Kirk's date day so we went out to a cafe near the NY Harbor named Amelia's Bistro, stopped by a little boutique called Tia's , snagged a blouse and just relaxed. I sported a fun piece from my favorite boutique of the moment in Hoboken named Dor 'L Dor. If you're ever in the Northern NJ area you might want to stop by these local hotspots.

 I'm encouraged each day when I remember that fear is not an option. Fear has to do with with torment but God's perfect love drives out all fear. Pursue your dreams and destiny fearlessly with boldness. 

Highly recommend the Chipotle Club Sandwich

Yay for Spanx baby!!

I love holding his hands. 

Be bright. Be Bold.

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  1. Looks like the perfect day date! The food looks incredible!

    Great pictures!

    1. Hey Faith! The food was really good. Yelp.com makes finding great cafes so easy.

  2. Looks like a great day. Sunshine, food, shopping and spending it with the one you love. The food is tempting me to get a snack. Lol

    1. Lol! Snacking is always fun. Thank you we really had a great time. xo

  3. seems like you had the perfect date. and ur rocking my favorite color.


    1. You like green too?! It's really growing on me. I used to be a huge pink fan and then I was matching my 5yr old cousin too often. Thanks for stopping by love. xo


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