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Hey Lovelies! I know it's only Wednesday and I already have a few fav things. I've been meaning to buy Dry Shampoo for awhile now, but after reading some reviews I learned that there not the best on African American hair. Boy was that a lie! I used some of my friend's DS named Pssst. and it instantly refreshed my oily hair. Now I'm sold on this product and it's good for all hair textures.

Snatching this super classy looking tuxedo cream and black blazer. I was looking for one that was moderately priced and quality-looking. Have you gals heard of Anarchy Street?! Check out there website I believe at Anarchystreet.com.

Planning my soon tone sis-in-laws bridal shower. I love hosting and entertaining!

Lastly, picking up my Masters Degree. That degree was the product of tears, sweat, prayer and never giving up. Yup, I'm in my Peejs before sleepy time, no blog etiquette on this one, lol.

As always thanks for stopping by and reading!

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  1. That blazer is gorgeous!

    Yay on your Masters! So exciting! Congrats!!

  2. congrats on ur masters!!
    and yes, i LOVE dry shampoo. My fave is the PSST brand. I absolutely hate suave's brand though it makes my hair feel like it has film on it. Do you like the Batiste one??

  3. Love that blazer...and that Master's looks good on you girl!!!

  4. Congrats on getting your masters! Gives me motivation. I graduate in Dec. with my Bachelors and I'm too excited, but a little burnt out about school. You should also try Organic Root Stimulators dry shampoo --it's pretty good as well :)


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