It's Official...Spring is here!

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Hi Loves! How are you? I hope you have been doing well and enjoying the start to Spring 2016!

After a 5 month stint of grueling cold weather in NJ/NYC spring is here and hopefully for good! The old adage is true, with spring comes a feeling of newness of life and a fresh beginning. This April I have been challenging my self not to dread waking up in the morning and to actually go to bed earlier. That can be virtually impossible when starting a new business. When I arrive home from my 9-5, I spend time with my daughter and husband. Then I start filling orders, taking social media pics, designing jewelry and next thing I know it's already 11:30 p.m. I started reading a book called The Miracle Morning and it's really helping me learn how to maximize my mornings. Here are a few pics of what's been new!

This beauty of a Cherry Blossom tree sprouts around this time each year. I love it!

Here are the pics I take for social media @truly_rachel on IG every night. This can be so challenging but I love the end result!

No this yummy little delight isn't my 2nd child but my niece Aria Rose. I love her so much. She brings me so much joy!

I live at the park on lunch breaks! The necklace around my neck is new to my jewelry line. It's an ID Bar hand stamped with you name or word. Wonderful idea for Mother's Day. Please send your requests! 

CLICK HERE >> My handmade bracelets! 

I believe in the favor of God. He just gives us special favors and showers us with His love. I get a free table at a local hair salon on Saturdays while ladies get dolled up. Grateful for the "little" things and small beginnings!

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  1. Beautiful jewelry! And those are my favorite trees, they're absolutely stunning! And it is so nice to finally have warm weather. I just keep on thinking of all the things I can do outside!

    1. Hey Faith! I'm so glad to hear from you and thanks so much for kind words. I am so happy it's warming up. I was trying so hard to stay positive. Have a great week with your lovely fam! xo

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