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Hi Lovelies!!

Today I'm featuring a few items I've been having fun with. I really really love working on DIY projects. It's somewhat therapeutic for me when I work on these fun items. I think I had to remind myself that I'm doing it for fun and its ok if I mess up, granted that I don't test it out on anything pricey around the house- had to learn that the hard way...ahem! Anywho, here's an idea to revamp your lamp shade for close to nothing.

I stopped by Michaels Arts & Craft and loaded up on supplies. This cost me no more than $10. You'll also need painters tape to section off the areas.

I also had a beauty day at Sephora and got this adorable Hello Kitty palette. It's really a great product and surprised me because I thought it would be juvenile. I was so wrong, it's a quality item.

What's your fav beauty product of the week that you've tooting about?

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  1. Loved your post!!
    Thanks so much for visit my blog dear!
    Big kiss!!

    Marianela xxx
    pod: Today on my blog i'm trying to decided what color of satchel bag draw lots! Help me? :)


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