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Hey Loves!

Hope all of you are doing super well!

It's literally like 9 degrees and the high is supposed to be 15 degrees!! Yikes!! This is our first draft of frigid cold temps up here in NJ/NY for awhile now so everyone is bundled up and braving the cold. I've been working out consistently again and eating healthier options. To my advantage a Trader Joes opened in my area so I'm so excited about that. Plus, I've been taking Raspberry Ketones to help digest meals easier (go to the 'throne' after almost every meal)

I'm a huge cupcake/pancake fan so I do treat myself every other weekend, that just works for me. I like the moderation approach. ;) Hubs and I went to Toast restaurant for Sunday brunch in Upper Montclair and I read on Yelp that they make the bomb Red Velvet pancakes, so yours truly had to test their accuracy.

Baked by Melissa & Skinny Caramel Latte

Do I have anybody who has a sweet tooth? How do you stay fit and still enjoy your fab treats once in awhile? Advice is welcome!

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  1. Your coat & outfit is so cute!! We in the south have been hearing how cold it is and are so thankful it's only dropped to the 30's. brr! haha
    your breakfast looks sooo yummy too! I get the sweet tooth every once in a while w/this pregnancy & I admit that right now, I don't want the pork shoulder my hubs is cooking, I want pancakes!! lol thanks!

    1. You look even more lovely pregnant!! Huge congrats to you and your hubs. Must be so exciting. How many months are you??

  2. I have a stupid sweet tooth. Pregnancy will do that to you. Switch your normal cravings and tastes around completely. After my second, that's when I got addicted to sweets. I love cupcakes, cookies and ice cream. I guess watching Cupcakes Wars isn't helping.
    The only reason I have started to tone down my sweets eating is because I'm trying to get rid of the last bit of fat that I have from pregnancy. Working out does nothing if I don't cut back my sugar. Once I in good shape, I'll indulge 4x/month as opposed to 12x which is what I have been doing until Jan. 1. (Yeah, I was eating either, ice cream, cookies, or Dove squares almost every other day after dinner.)
    I gotta research Ketones!

    1. hahaha @ Cupcakes Wars that's my show and it doesn't help with my cupcakes weakness, lol. I love the 4xs a month idea because I do horrible when I cut things out cold turkey, I just get tempted to indulge. All you beautiful pregnant ladies, I have pregnant fever. I keep talking to my hubs about it. All in due time. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. xoxo

  3. I get one every now and then. I workout M-F so I don't get all bent out of shape when I indulge in a sweet treat. Your blog is quite elegant Miss Lady! Enjoyed my visit! Joi @ http://rxfitnesslady.com


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