City Wanderings

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One of my favorite hobbies is wandering around city streets and discovering new neighborhoods. I walked over 30 NYC blocks on the UWS & UES (Upper East Side). I put on my Heart Rate Monitor and noticed I burned 600 Cals!!! I love shedding cals while having fun. Woot! 

 I stopped by some of my favorite shops- LuluLemon Athletica they sell the best support tanks - the scoop neck workout tops and my new fav sweet spot- Laduree has the best macaroons. I only like the Vanilla, Coconut and Caramel. 

Oh and I stopped by and visited my dad at his job in the City which was another sweet treat!

Do I have any fellow wanderers?! Or do you have any ideas on how to burn calories while doing a daily activity?

P.S. Zara is having a crazy end of summer sale. Those fancy blazers that were once nearly $100 are marked down for under $40. I know I would be disgruntled too if I saw that mega deal after paying full price.

Have a lovely weekend and I will check in with you lovely creative peeps on Monday.


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  1. Girlfriend! You look incredible!

  2. I love roaming and exploring in any city! You'll be amazed at some of the hidden treasures you come across! You look gorgeous btw!


    1. Exactly! That's my main mission plus it frees my mind not to be so calculated all the time.

      Lots of love and have a great week ahead mama!

  3. Oh so fun! :) Girl, I live in LA and NEED to visit NYC sometime - never have! :) Those macaroons look amazing and you look beautiful!!

    happy weekend and thanks for the sweet comment on my blog - made me smile!

    1. Awwe Erin! Thanks for stopping by. Your post really touched my heart at the perfect timing. It amazes me how we can touch lives on this blog the way we do.

      When you come to NYC I have a ton of recommendations to share plus great places to worship. x0xo


Thanks for your comments! It means a lot. xo

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