NYC Nightlife

by - 10:51 PM

Hey Loves! Hope you all have been enjoying your weekend. I've been all wrapped up in production work that I have been out of the loop with my blog friends. Today Monica and I decided to take on NY as per usual.

We are huge fans of these fabulous J. Crew necklaces. I'm planning on grabbing a hunter green and red one for the fall.

I'll be in touch with you lovelies tomorrow. Xo

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  1. you ladies look gorgeous! i love your neons with the black and white dress! so pretty!

    1. Thanks so much! Always love your comments..xo

  2. I love both of your necklaces! Can you purchase these online? Are they reasonably priced? I wouldn't mind purchasing one :)


Thanks for your comments! It means a lot. xo

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