Girls of Summer

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I'm a Jersey Girl and I simply love Summers in NJ & NYC. We only have about 3 & 1/2 short lived months of summer here in the north so we embrace every bit of fun in the sun we get. I feel like I grow in some sort of way whether it's physically, socially and spiritually towards the end of each summer break. I love setting goals for myself and strategizing ways to implement them in my life. Here are somethings I plan on doing before Labor Day:

1. Get a lot of sun: Head to the beach and pool w/ my girls as much as possible.

2. Take up Sewing classes. I really like DIY projects so this will improve my craft. I'm a huge HGTV geek. =)

3. Run a 5-10k race: I'll be able to run effortlessly now that I'm doing Insanity. #diggingdeep

4. Host a backyard brunch/dinner with string lights. Pancakes make me happy!

5. Watch outdoor movies in the park in Hoboken with my hubs/friends/mommy.

6. Read a great book outside that'll challenge me. 

7. Go on a missions trip (preferably Haiti). My passion!

8. Go to a Comedy show to see Anjelah Johnson (Bon Qui Qui- Securrdy! Ha!)

It's the people I decide to to these things with that makes each event special to me. What do you look forward to doing this summer?! It'll be great to hear your bucket list. 


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